Construction and Building

our product lines in this area are designed for the unique requirements of this sector such as fire retardation, plasticizers immunity and environmental friendliness:

1.       Floor and wall covering – a line of water and solvent based glues that allow an efficient and robust bonding between concrete, metal, stone, wood and other building materials with PVC, foam, carpet, wood and other coverings. Our glues show robustness in severe conditions such as outdoor surfaces covering and public transportation platforms.
2.       Insulation for air-condition systems, fire doors, doors, separation walls, open space dividers – water and solvent based adhesives for the bonding of glass wool and mineral wool with metal, wood and other materials. Different formulations are used for spray, brush and machine spread of the glue. Our products can be applied pre-painting and are not affected by high temperatures (400 OF plus) used in metal elements painting.
3.       Tunnels’ sealers and pipes insulation – we developed and market PSAs designed to hold in place rubber sealing elements that are used in train’s and other tunnels elements. This type of “temporary holding” is also used with gas and other pipes insulation covering.