• Diversity

    Diversification strategy allowed us to constantly balance our activity between changing markets for the past four decades

  • Ecological

    Developing and producing Eco-friendly products have become the basis of our entire strategy

  • R & D

    R&D capabilities have been the core of our success. Decades of investment in new adhesive solutions kept us at the top of the adhesive industry in Israel.

Our Products








Welcome to Adhestick Innovations Ltd.

Adhestick specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of polymers formulations for use in a wide range of applications. Our main products lines are in the areas of industrial adhesives, agricultural pests control, textile reinforcement and tires sealants (under the Joe's No Flats brand – www.joes-no-flats.com),  Adhestick, established in 1938, has been working closely with customers providing adhesion and other solutions to their specific needs. It is Adhestick's product's complete lifecycle approach that made its products standout in the competitive markets we are active in.



Product's Life Cycle Approach

Adhestick's approach to product development is based on forming a partnership with our clients to make sure we understand their product manufacturing and lifecycle at the hands of end users. We form and adjust the polymer formulation to specifically address the physical, chemical and environmental challenges that products bearing our solutions

Adhesion - A Mean Not an End

Adhestick's success in the areas of tires sealants, agricultural pests control and textile reinforcement attests to the company's deep knowledge base of polymers that leads it to venture out of adhesion solutions per se and introduce innovative and effective solutions in other areas.